When we opened our inbox this morning, we saw some pretty cool re-tweets going around about Cantor Fine Art and the Artist Emojis that they have been creating. A friend of ours on Instagram, we jumped at the chance to suggest they further immortalize Frida Kahlo as our emoji spirit animal. They really delivered, she is perfect! The monkey?! Genius. 

Thanks for letting us in on the fun!

love, Post and Gleam 

The art nerds housed here at HuffPost Arts & Culture have spent many long hours dreaming of a world in which art history legends from Klimt’s kiss to Magritte’s (non-) pipe could, in emoji form, pop up in texts or slide into your DMs.

Well, thanks to the beautiful minds over at Cantor Fine Art in Los Angeles, we’re one step closer to living in a world in which art history symbols flow through our digital exchanges like water ― or Kimoji. The gallery has recently uploaded a variety of art-centric emoji to Instagram, from Vincent van Gogh to Georgia O’Keeffe to Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Sadly, the emoji aren’t functional yet. You’ll have to wait to officially respond to a late-night “u up?” with a nonplussed Yayoi Kusama. In the meantime, enjoy the clever digital renderings below. And if anyone reading this happens to be in the emoji-manufacturing business, please make these beauties real.
— Priscilla Frank :: Arts Writer, The Huffington Post


Click below to link over to the full article, with all the beautiful artist-inspired emojis on display. Love this so much! Give them a follow and be inspired: https://www.instagram.com/cantorfineart/